Yearly Calendar 2009

National Film Center Calendar (April, 2009 – March, 2010)

Cinema 1

Japanese Literature in Film Part 2 [Film Screening]

April 3-19, 2009

In conjunction with the exhibition “Japanese Literature in Film Part 2” in the gallery, this program will screen films based on the literary works published between the beginning of the Showa era and the end of the World War II (1926-1945).


Cinema: Lost and Found 2009

April 21-May 3, 2009

“Cinema: Lost and Found” is the series to showcase the achievements by National Film Center as the film archive by screening recently collected and restored films. In its 7th installment this year, the program will include rare films that have been found within and outside of Japan as well as the screening prints that have been digitally restored.


Cross-section of Japan’s Cinematic Past [Part 4]
Monster and Science Fiction Film II

May 5-28, 2009

“Cross-section of Japan’s Cinematic Past” is the series that aims to present Japanese film heritage from various angles. Following the “Monster and Science Fiction Film I,” this program will focus on the monster and science fiction films that were made during the so-called “second boom” after 1968.


EU Film Days 2009

May 29-June 20, 2009

This is the 7th installment (and the 3rd one at NFC) of “EU Film Days,” the unique series that showcases recent films of the member nations of the European Union (EU.) Diversity of European cultures and societies will be shown through recent and topical films from 21 countries.
Co-organizers: The Delegation of the European Commission to Japan, the Embassies and the cultural institutions of the EU member nations.


In Memory of Film Figures We Lost in 2007-2008

June 30-July 16, August 1-September 13, 2009 (tentative)

This Program is in homage to cineastes who passed away in the year 2007-2008. Featured and honored in the program are Kon Ichikawa, Senkichi Taniguchi, Hitoshi Ueki and Eiji Funakoshi. The movies that these film figures worked on will be shown in this program to acknowledge the achievements that they made.


31st Pia Film Festival

July 17-31, 2009 (tentative)

Pia Film Festival marks its 31st year. In addition to the regular programs such as “PFF Award Competition,” the biggest competition of independent films in Japan, and the “Invited Works,” the “Retrospective of Pia Film Festival vol.2” will take place at Cinema 2 in which award-winning films and other films of special significance from the past festivals will be shown.
Coorganizer: PFF Partners.


Sadao Yamanaka Retrospective at his Centenary

September 15-27, 2009

November 7th, 2009, will mark the centenary of the birth of the late Sadao Yamanaka (1909-1938), who died of an illness in war at the young age of 29. This retrospective will look back on the career of this genius director through extant films such as Tangesazen yowa hyakumanryo
no tsubo (1935) and Ninjo kamifusen (1937).


Film Actress Kinuyo Tanaka at her Centenary [Film Screening]

October 6-December 27, 2009

Commemorating the centenary of the birth of the late Kinuyo Tanaka (1909-1977,) the representative film actress in Japan, this program will survey her career with the wide range of films including the silent films starring Tanaka as a teenage star and the films she directed.


Nagisa Oshima Retrospective

January 5-29, 2010


Back by Popular Demand: From the Programs of 1995-2004

January 30-February 12, 2010



February 13-19, 2010


Masahiro Shinoda Retrospective

February 20-March 20, 2010



March 21-April 5, 2010

Cinema 2

50 Years of Reestablishment of Diplomatic Relations between Bulgaria and JapanBulgarian Film Week

April 29-May 8, 2009

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the resumed diplomatic relationship between Japan and Bulgaria, this program will screen over a dozen feature and short Bulgarian films including Koziat Rog (1972) and recent Japan premieres.
Co-organizer: Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The History of Japanese Independent Cinema IIRetrospective of Pia Film Festival vol.2

June 30-July 24, 2009 (tentative)

This is the 2nd installment of the series that screens award-winning films and other films of special significance from the past Pia Film Festivals that is marking its 31sst year. Following the 1st installment that showed films up to 1986, this program will focus on the films after 1987.
Co-organizer: Pia Corporation.



Under the title of "KYOBASHI-ZA", Cinema 2 presents films from the NFC collection several times a year. For the program schedule, please see our website and fliers.


Japanese Literature in Film Part 2
- From the NFC Non-film Collection

April 3-June 18, 2009

Through film posters, still photographs and scripts from the NFC collection, this series examines the ways in which various literary works have given births to films in Japan. The 2nd installment will focus on the films based on the literary works published between the beginning of the Showa era and the end of the World War II (1926-1945).


Noriaki Tsuchimoto: The Life of a Documentary Filmmaker

June 30-August 30, 2009

Known as the giant of documentary films, Noriaki Tsuchimoto (1928-2008) directed many films including his representative Minamata series and the masterpiece of the railroad document Aru Kikanjoshi (1963). Throughout his career, he continued to pose keen questions to Japanese society. One year after his death, this exhibition will follow the path of his actions and thoughts through his personal belongings and photographs.


Film Actress Kinuyo Tanaka at her Centenary [Exhibition]

September 4-27, October 6-December 20, 2009

Kinuyo Tanaka (1909-1977) started her acting career as a fresh idol and continued to give important performances in highly acclaimed films. Together with her achievements as a director with six films, Tanaka continued to occupy the central position in the history of Japanese cinema. Through the reference materials from the NFC collection and her personal belongings that are preserved in Shimonoseki, her hometown, this exhibition will reconstruct her long and brilliant career in film that lasted for over half a century.


French Cinema in Posters
– From the Shingaiei Collection of the National Film Center

January 7-March 28, 2010

This exhibition will show the original posters for French films which used to belong to Shingaiei, the film distributor that introduced many great European films including Nouvelle Vague ones to Japan in the postwar period.


The Japanese Film Heritage
–From the Non-film Collection of the National Film Center

Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition features some of the most interesting items among NFC’s collection. It exhibits extremely rare movie devices from the early history of cinema. Also exhibited are personal effects that belonged to historical figures in the pioneering days of Japanese cinema. Another feature of the exhibition monitors achievements made in Japanese film preservation, showing archival findings and preserved films.

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