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NFAJ Film Collection Search (in Japanese)

If you are searching by name of cast or staff member, we recommend using the NFAJ Film Collection search at Japan Search, which also allows you to search for films with English subtitles.


NFAJ Digital Gallery

The Gallery was established in April 2013 to introduce NFC’s non-film collection to broader public. parts in Japanese)


Japanese Animated Film Classics

This site was established to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation, which is believed to have first been publicly shown in 1917. 64 videos of early Japanese animations from our collection are shown in the site. In the page Noburo Ofuji Memorial Museum, you can find old documents and production materials from NFAJ's Noburo Ofuji collection and follow the artist's footsteps.


The Meiji Period on Film

This website was set up to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the birth of Japanese cinema. As well as the oldest existing Japanese film Momijigari (Important Cultural Property), you can stream Japanese films shot in the Meiji era and see surviving 35mm film frames enlarged in high resolution from some of the lost “oldest Japanese films”. (in Japanese)


Films of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923

With the aim of sharing knowledge about the historic disaster and its impact on society via moving images, this website offers a selection of films of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 which have survived over the century and are now part of the collection of the National Film Archive of Japan. (in Japanese)



Film IS a Document: NFAJ Historic Film Portal (in Japanese)


Japanese Film Heritage: NFAJ Non-film Collection Portal

This website offers a selection of non-film materials from the NFAJ collection with the aim of sharing the history of film culture in Japan and the memories of individuals who contributed to it. (in Japanese)


Movie meets Kabuki

With the aim of reaffirming encounters with kabuki made motion pictures a cutting-edge art form in Japan, this website offers treasures of Japanese early dramatic films from the collection of National Film Archive of Japan. (in Japanese)

Various Challenges of Film Archives

You can read the series of articles titled “Various Challenges of Film Archives” which were published in “NFC Newsletter” (1995-2018), and whose successor is our “NFAJ Newsletter”.

This series started from the first issue to promote the importance of film archives and future tasks through each country’s film archiving and cinematheque’s activities and research reports. Japanese)


NFAJ Youtube Channel

Japan Location Database (JL-DB)

JL-DB offers a quick and easy way for you to find the location you’re looking for in Japan.


Japanese Film Resources Online (JFROL)

JFROL is a search system for locating non-film materials. As of July 2023, you can cross-search the non-film collections of the following institutions: Toei Kyoto Studio Park Library, Shochiku Otani Library, Kawakita Memorial Film Institute, Matsunaga Bunko Library of Kitakyushu, and the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum of Waseda University. (in Japanese)


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