Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy

National Film Archive of Japan (“NFAJ”) collects your personal information through the NFAJ’s website (the “Website”) within the scope necessary to smoothly provide services including supplying information on the Website, sending newsletters, and accepting event participation. The information collected will be handled appropriately within the scope outlined in 3. Purpose of Use below.

2. Scope of Collection

a. The Website automatically collects Internet domain names, IP addresses and other information of the visitors to the Website.
b. You will be asked to enter nothing but your e-mail address to receive newsletters (this service is available in Japanese only).
c. You may be asked to enter your name, address, school name or occupation, and telephone number to apply for participation in special events posted on the Website.

3. Purpose of Use

a. Information collected by the Website will be consulted to smoothly provide the Website services.
b. Your personal information collected under 2. b. will be used only to send newsletters (this service is available in Japanese only).
c. Your personal information collected under 2. c. will be used to execute the relevant event.

4. Restrictions on Use and Disclosure

The NFAJ will neither voluntarily use for purposes other than those outlined in 3. “Purpose of Use” nor disclose to third parties the personal information collected, except when disclosure is required under laws or regulations, in the event of a violation of law such as unauthorized access or threat, or for other special reasons. However, the NFAJ may publish statistically processed data concerning access to the Website.

5. Security Measures

The NFAJ will take necessary measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information collected, and to otherwise handle the information appropriately.

6. Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Website at The handling of personal information on other websites is the responsibility of the respective organizations.

7. Other

The Privacy Policy of the Website may be revised as necessary.