Past Exhibitions

  • January 4 - March 25, 2018

Film History in Posters Part 3: Science Fiction and Monster Films

Date :  September 26  (Tue) – December 10  (Sun) ,  2017

Location :  Exhibition Gallery (7th floor)

Hours :  11:00am – 6:30pm (admission until 6:00pm)

Closed :  Mondays

Admission :  Single Ticket 250  (Group Admission 200)  /  University & College Students 130  (Group Admission 60)
*Free for Seniors (age 65 or over) , High School Students and under 18 ;  Persons with disability and one person accompanying each of them are admitted free or charge .

For more detailed information ,  please see the following page  (in Japanese) .

 Voyages to outer space, timeless worlds, destruction of the earth, unbelievable futures … throughout film history, inexhaustible human imagination has undoubtedly been most freely demonstrated in the genre of Science Fiction. Those stories and visual expressions, which go way beyond our reality, have given and will give tremendous impact to audiences all over the world. 

 As the third installment of the series “Film History in Posters”, this exhibition is for posters of this extraordinary genre, mainly from NFC’s collection. Sci-Fi started as a minor film genre then achieved mainstream status. The exhibition traces the rich genealogy from classic masterpieces such as Metropolis (1926) and King Kong (1933), through Japanese monster films with outstanding special effects technology that attracted hardcore fans inside and outside of Japan from the first Godzilla in 1954, to new generations gaining power from the 1960s such as Stanley Kubrick, and the golden age of Sci-Fi film after the worldwide success of the Star Wars series from 1977. We invite you to enjoy the flights of imagination woven into the design of these magnificent posters.


National Film Archive of Japan

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