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  • December 12 , 2023 -March 24, 2024

Makoto Wada: Works on Film


Exhibition Gallery (7th floor)
December 12 , 2023 -March 24, 2024
11:00am – 6:30pm (admission until 6:00pm)
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*Free for Seniors (age 65 or over), High School Students and under 18, Disabled People (with one companion)
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 For Makoto Wada (1936-2019), one of Japan’s leading graphic designers and illustrators, film was a lifelong friend and source of creativity.
 Possessing a passion for film since boyhood, Wada distinguished himself as a young designer and tried his hand at creating movie posters and animated films while maintaining a regular job. His charming style soon gained widespread acclaim, leading him to produce countless illustrations of international film figures along with a series of books and dialogues on movies. His passion became a force in Japanese cinema and spurred him to direct four outstanding feature-length entertainment films, including Mahjong Horoki (1984), without prior training as a director.
 Wada was also an enthusiastic collector of American film prints and posters in his private life. In 2015, he loaned his collection to the National Film Archive of Japan for its exhibition “Film History in Posters Part 2: Musical Films.”
 Makoto Wada had an encyclopedic knowledge of film and an incredible memory. Yet, despite these attributes, he always considered himself a movie fan rather than a “critic” or “commentator.” This exhibition will provide an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with Japan’s greatest movie fan and his boundless love for cinema.

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