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  • December 13 , 2022 -March 26, 2023

Film History in Posters Part 4: Horror Films


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December 13 , 2022 - March 26, 2023
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 For more than 120 years, movies have aroused a diverse range of emotions in audiences. One of those emotions is, of course, horror, which has long been an irresistible attraction. Films have provided audiences with horror in various forms, from monsters on the screen and psychological contexts revealing the dark side of the human mind to supernatural phenomena described with vivid image. In Japan, as in other countries, horror films continue to be a significant film genre. Works range from numerous period dramas made in the silent film era that are linked to Japan’s ghost story culture to the “J-horror” films that first appeared in the 1990s.

 This fourth part of the “Film History in Posters” series, Horror Films, presents posters from films dating back to the earliest days of cinema. Featuring items held in the National Film Archive of Japan and other collections, it traces the lineage of films that have both frightened and entertained audiences over the years. Exhibited posters include those of such classics as Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari, Italian horror films by Dario Argento and so on, and disaster films such as Jaws. The posters of Japanese ghost stories and the latest J-horror films are also presented. We invite you to admire their creative visuals and catchphrases and immerse yourself in a world of chilling horror.

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